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The Center for Writing takes pride in our support of TCU’s instructional mission. Our professional staff are also experienced teachers themselves, and our peer consultants are good students and good writers. We frequently work with faculty members in a variety of ways to enhance writing instruction across all disciplines and colleges at TCU.

Class Visits or Workshops

Director Cheryl Slocumb and professional staff members are available to visit classes or other groups to present a short informational talk about the many advantages that consultations at the Center can offer to a student writer. We are also happy to deliver workshops on various topics such as

  • course-specific assignments
  • group papers
  • APA, MLA, Chicago, or AMA documentation styles
  • literature reviews
  • avoiding plagiarism
  • graduate school application essays.

If you would like to schedule a presentation for a class you are teaching, contact Ms. Slocumb well in advance of the date at

Course Syllabus Statement

Faculty may wish to include our Syllabus Statement and QR code when preparing course syllabi:

The William L. Adams Center for Writing is a free academic service offering writing support and instruction in both one-on-one and group settings. Consultations may focus on a specific piece of writing or on selected writing skills. Professional and peer writing consultants are available to meet with students in person or via Zoom from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday in Reed Hall, Suite 419.  Students may also submit documents for online review. To make an appointment or to access online services, please visit the Center for Writing web site at . The writing center does not assist students with completing take-home exams, finals, or graduate written exams without the expressed written approval of the professor.

Faculty Writing Projects

We work with faculty across all disciplines, as schedules and staffing permit, on many individual writing projects such as submissions for publication, conference papers, proposals, and personal projects. Faculty may schedule a consultation by appointment with a professional staff member via Zoom or in person. Faculty may also submit a document for review via our Online Submissions, to be routed to the first available professional writing consultant.

Writing Resources and Handouts

Faculty requiring students to write papers may wish to use our Resources page for PowerPoints, handouts, and helpful links.


Professor Referrals

We are always appreciative when professors refer students to us for help with assignments and writing projects. Professors may request Center for Writing brochures by emailing the Center at

Our primary mission is assisting student writers in an ethical and confidential manner. We do not share personal information with faculty about a student’s consultations unless we have that student’s consent; we will confirm student consultations if requested by a student.

Advance Planning is Key

If faculty require entire classes or groups to visit us for help with an assignment, we ask them to encourage students to plan ahead and make their appointments well in advance of the due date to ensure the best possible experience for them.

Also, please contact our director, Ms. Cheryl Slocumb, in advance of their visits to ensure we have sufficient staff available to accommodate your students. During mid-terms and the final two weeks of the semester, the Center’s schedule is often full. During peak times, we cannot accept drop-in traffic or respond to online submissions as quickly as we’d like.

Writing Associates Program

Open to professors in all disciplines, this program dedicates a writing associate to a class that emphasizes writing instruction. The Center assigns consultants (trained undergraduate or graduate students or professional staff) to undergraduate classes, based on faculty requests and available staff.

Writing associates, who also serve as writing consultants for the Center for Writing, receive training from us as well as mentoring from the professors with whom they work. The associates meet with students from their assigned classes during their regular tutoring hours in the Center.

The primary mission of a writing associate is instructional rather than editorial. A writing associate will respond to writing in ways that help students to become more aware of their strengths and to learn to overcome any weaknesses.

Writing associates do not grade papers for professors; rather, they support the course outcomes the professors set forth. They also serve as liaisons between the professor’s class and the other writing center staff, providing us with necessary information to assist those students. For more information about the Writing Associates Program, please email Ms. Cheryl Slocumb at

Write Now

Write Now is a graduate student writing group that offers ongoing support in a relaxed setting to graduate students in all stages of their academic careers. Participants work on a variety of projects, including thesis or dissertation chapters, prospectuses, academic publications, conference papers, and seminar papers.

The group meets on Wednesday afternoons from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. CST in the Center’s conference room in 419 Reed Hall. The format is hybrid, so off-campus grad students may participate via Zoom. Faculty may direct interested students to contact us at .

Thesis and Dissertation Writers Retreats

In conjunction with the Graduate Studies Office, the Center for Writing conducts writers retreats for students working on theses and dissertations. Please encourage eligible graduate students to follow us on Facebook  and Twitter or notification of these dates, locales, and times. For more information, contact us at 817-257-7221 or