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Writing Associates

Originally funded by a 2006 Vision in Action grant, TCU’s Writing Associates Program is now part of the William L. Adams Center for Writing. The program dedicates a writing associate (a trained undergraduate or graduate student) to a class that heavily emphasizes writing instruction. The professor and writing associate work together to help students in a particular academic discipline improve their writing skills. The center assigns consultants to undergraduate classes across all disciplines, based on faculty requests and available staff. Writing associates, who also serve as peer writing consultants for the Center for Writing, receive training from us as well as mentoring from the professors with whom they work. The associates meet with students from their assigned class during their regular tutoring hours in the Main Center.

The primary mission of a writing associate is instructional rather than editorial. A writing associate will respond to writing in ways that help students become more aware of their strengths and learn to overcome any weaknesses. Writing associates do not grade papers for professors; rather, they support the course outcomes the professors set forth.

Writing Associates Fall 2018

Saffyre Falkenberg  Dance 40373.070  Prof. Suki John

Dr. Arch Mayfield  Religion 10023.621  Prof. Mark Dennis

Remi Owens  Nursing 30243.035  Prof. Diane Hawley

Lutie Rodriguez  Education 30213.040  Prof. Robin Griffith

Ashton Sorrels  Religion 30533.074  Prof. Mark Dennis